Voda Spa and Wellness Studio use top quality Azulene soft wax that is good for all skin types including sensitive skins and is great for use in ALL areas of the body.


Price: $70.00

First time Brazilian

Price: $75.00


Price: $40.00

Modified Brazilian

Price: $50.00

½ leg

Price: $50.00

Full Leg

Price: $80.00


Price: $30.00

½ arm

Price: $40.00

Full arm

Price: $60.00

Men’s Chest

Price: $70.00

Men’s Back

Price: $70.00

½ leg w/Bikini

Price: $90.00

Full leg w/Bikini

Price: $120.00

½ Leg w/Brazilian

Price: $120.00

Full leg w/ Brazilian

Price: $145.00

Brow wax

Price: $25.00


Price: $30.00


Waxing Herndon VA: Your Ultimate Guide to Smooth Skin

Waxing is a hair removal technique where warm wax is applied to the skin and removed quickly, pulling the hairs from their roots. It's a popular method for achieving smooth, hair-free skin on various body parts.

Why Choose Waxing Over Other Methods?

Waxing stands out because it offers longer-lasting results compared to shaving or creams. It reduces the chances of nicks, cuts, and razor burn, and over time, you'll notice finer, sparser hair regrowth.

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The Benefits of Waxing

Long-Lasting Results

One of the most appealing benefits of waxing is the longevity of the results. Since waxing removes hair from the root, it takes longer to grow back, typically giving you smooth skin for 3 to 6 weeks.

Finer Hair Regrowth

With consistent waxing, you'll find that your hair grows back finer and sparser. This is because the hair follicle gets weakened over time, resulting in less robust hair growth.

Exfoliation of the Skin

Waxing is a physical exfoliant that removes the top layer of dead skin cells and undesired hair. This leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking more vibrant.

Less Irritation

Compared to shaving, which can create irritation and razor bumps, waxing generally results in less skin irritation, especially with proper aftercare.

Types of Waxing Services Available

Full Body Waxing

Full-body waxing is the way for those looking to be hair-free from head to toe. This service covers all major body areas, providing a comprehensive solution for smooth skin.

Bikini and Brazilian Waxing

These services focus on the pubic region. Bikini waxing removes hair along the bikini line, while Brazilian waxing removes it from the front to the back, offering a clean and smooth result.

Facial Waxing

From eyebrows to upper lips, facial waxing targets unwanted hair on delicate facial areas, ensuring precision and smooth results.

Leg and Arm Waxing

Leg and arm waxing is famous for removing hair from these visible areas. It is perfect for showing off smooth skin in shorts and sleeveless tops.

Back and Chest Waxing

Commonly sought by men, back and chest waxing effectively removes dense hair from these areas, enhancing cleanliness and comfort.

Choosing the Right Waxing Salon in Herndon, VA

Choosing Voda Spa & Wellness for your waxing services ensures a truly personalized and relaxing experience. At this private one-on-one studio, owner-operator Heather Tarrant brings over seventeen years of expertise to every appointment, guaranteeing high-quality and customized wellness services. Heather's dedication to perfecting her craft offers clients an unparalleled spa experience, making Voda Spa & Wellness the ideal choice for achieving smooth, hair-free skin in a serene and professional environment.

Preparing for Your Waxing Appointment

Hair Length Requirements

For effective waxing, your hair should be at least ¼ inch long. This allows the wax to latch onto the hair properly for removal.

Exfoliation and Moisturization Tips

Exfoliate your skin often to remove dead skin cells. Moisturize regularly, but avoid heavy lotions on the day of your waxing.

What to Avoid Before Waxing

Avoid sun exposure, tanning, and applying retinoid creams before your waxing appointment, as these can make your skin more sensitive.

Post-Waxing Care

Immediate Aftercare Tips

After waxing, relieve your skin with aloe vera or a gentle moisturizer. For the first 24 hours, refrain from hot showers, tight clothing, and extreme sweating.

Long-Term Skin Maintenance

Keep your skin hydrated and exfoliated between sessions to prevent ingrown hairs and retain smooth skin.

Common Myths About Waxing Debunked

Waxing Causes Hair to Grow Thicker

This is a myth. With frequent waxing, hair grows back finer and sparser over time.

Waxing is Extremely Painful

While discomfort exists, many find it manageable, especially with an experienced technician. Pain levels also decrease with regular waxing.

Waxing Leads to Permanent Hair Removal

Waxing does not permanently remove hair. However, it does weaken the hair follicle over time, leading to less hair growth.

Waxing for Different Skin Types

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, inform your technician. They can use products designed to minimize irritation and inflammation.

Dry Skin

Regular moisturizing is key for dry skin. Your technician might recommend specific products to keep your skin hydrated.

Oily Skin

For oily skin, keeping the area clean and using non-comedogenic products to avoid clogged pores is important.


Waxing is a great way to achieve smooth, hair-free skin with long-lasting results. By choosing a reputable spa in Herndon, VA, like Voda Spa and Wellness, and following proper pre- and post-care instructions, you can enjoy the many benefits of waxing while minimizing discomfort and irritation.


Does it hurt?
Our trained esthetician(s) use proven and effective techniques to make sure your wax experience is as painless as possible. Of course, you may experience a little discomfort depending on the thickness of your hair, sensitivity, and area of the body being waxed. However, once you start waxing on a regular basis, your hair thins out, making it much easier and less painful to remove. After just a few sessions, you’ll be surprised how much faster and gentler the process becomes.
How long does the hair have to be?
Hair must be about 1/2inch in length…generally about 2-3 weeks of growth in order to get the best and smoothest result.
How long before the hair grows back?
Truthfully, there is no exact answer that applies to everyone because your hair can grow back at different lengths, rates and cycles depending on the person. Many factors play a part in the growth of an individual’s hair. On average, you’ll notice regrowth in 3-5 weeks.
How often should I wax?
We suggest getting on a regular schedule of anywhere between 4-6 weeks, depending on the area being waxed.
What is the difference between a Brazilian and a Bikini?
A Brazilian wax is the removal of all the hair in your private regions-this includes the labia and peri-anal areas as well. At your request, we can provide you a variation of the 2 or our Modified Brazilian wax leaving some hair on the top mound. (i.e. A landing strip). A bikini wax is the removal of any hair that would be visible outside the lines of a swimsuit or underwear.
What area of my body are waxable?
We provide full body waxing services from Eyebrows to Brazilians and anywhere in between. We are happy to answer any specific questions or address any concerns you may have. Just ask!
Who should wax?
Being well maintained is a great confidence booster-That’s why any and everyone-men nd women of any age can wax. We will need parental consent for anyone under the age of 16. Brazilian waxing is even safe for pregnant women. You will be asked to fill out a consent form prior to your service so we can be aware of any medical concerns, sensitivities, allergies, or contraindications.